Monday, September 17, 2007

We got flooring!!!!!

I'm so very happy!!!

Lumber Liquidators called us, our bamboo floors and laminate arrived on Friday!!!! Woo hoo!!!

So we found sucker to take the kids for a while and headed over there to pick everything up.

When I got the Hulking Minivan of Death, Super G resisted it greatly. Something about Bill Engvall, who we all know is the arbiter of manly greatness, saying that the non-tinted driver side window was a "goober viewing hole". That was his best argument. My best argument was that is was inexpensive, already pre-trashed (so we wouldn't have to worry when the kids would crap it up) and, oh yeah, it was cheap.

So today the old girl has 192,000 miles on her, and when he goes on business trips, which car does he prefer to drive if he's not flying? Yeah, that's right, the one with the goober-viewing-hole.

So we loaded her down so much, we had to removed the load leveler fuse, it just couldn't keep up. All the way home I felt as though I were staring death in the rear end. If I were driving a filled-over-capacity-back-end draggin' minivan, I wouldn't go 75mph and tail gate. It felt as though we were floating, especially when we changed lanes, or hit a bump or something. We traveled the length of 670, and when it was done, I was sobbing, and hyperventilating and ready to jump jump out the window.

He laughed. At one point he commented that it felt like we were floating, and then agreed with me that the front wheels may not be making complete contact with the ground. Then he couldn't figure out why I was nervous.

But we lived. We got home and I changed my pants, then we got to work unloading.

So now we have boxes of wood floors in the house. I'm excited and nervous about how this will go down. All I know is that the carpet and all its smells is leaving. Can't wait to cut it out. and then put up a spy camera to see if anyone comes to take the carpet on trash day!

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gwr said...

I wasn't tailgating as much as I was trying to keep ahead of all those cars behind us -- to protect all the flooring material in the back, of course... 8^)