Monday, July 11, 2011

I was not meant to be a single mother

Foster 4 basset hounds? Sure no problem! Babysit 7 kids 5 days a week? Sure, I'm cool with that! Add 15-20 hours of data entry work on top of all that, plus cook full breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Keep all the overflowing clutter in the corners and the floors hair and food free? Sure! I can even get the laundry done (but not folded or put away) I can do all of this, every day for months. But take care of my own three kids while my husband is out of town for 5 days?

I fail.

Right now I have about 36 hours until he comes home. Could be a year for all I know. Baby Eebo has been up for 2.5 hours already, is sitting in his high chair, with a pair of salad tongs, eating warmed over fries and chicken chunks, the breakfast of champions. The other two are asleep. There is not a single square inch of floorspace visible between the toys, dog hair and the cheerios that Buddy spilled some days ago. The dog doesn't like cheerios. But I had a crapload of work to do...... and by the end of the day, the baby was still going strong, so I neglected the house and tried to just stay alive.

Now I have two hours before his Early Intervention teacher will be here. No shower for me today, thank God I got one in yesterday. I suppose I should get after it.

How do single moms with toddlers do it? I can handle Bug and Buddy, they are easy, but Eebo....holy crap that kid is busy.

Now the hound dog is barking, . I'll start in the kitchen and work my way out.

And remember to brush my teeth, today.