Friday, January 4, 2008

Too Young for Makeup

Say Hello to Banjo.

Banjo, or "Joe" as we call him, is the newest member of our family. He came to us as a foster dog, to give the previous foster dog a playmate. He ended up staying.
Banjo is a purebred dog, but not a good quality bred dog. Meaning that he was probably the product of a puppy mill, no super long ears, no face full of wrinkles. But boy, does he have the "ahhrroooooo" down pat. For the first week he was here, he didn't make a single noise.

But that has changed.

Banjo's favorite place, other than right next to me wherever I am, is by the table at mealtimes. He can smell food three miles away. He also knows which kid will drop the most food.

He's the sweetest most patient dog I've ever met. He lets Buddy hug him constantly. He plays "tag" with Buddy, and sleeps with Bug when we kick him out of our bed. He doesn't run away when you open the door, he always comes when he's called, and he's housebroke. He's a good boy.

So no surprise when yesterday, after returning from Bowling Green with Buddy, that I find the two of them sitting quietly together in the living room.

Little boys never sit quietly, their dogs don't sit quietly either.

Buddy had gotten into Bug's sacred Barbie make-up kit an taken the purple sparkly lip gloss, you know, the one she'll wear when she goes on DATES, and put it on the dog.

First I look at the dog's mouth, but seeing normal lips, I didn't freak out, until I saw the rest of him.

HINT: look for sparkly spot. if you click on the picture, it will open up larger in another window
So I then discovered that Banjo is also good with baths, once you hoist all 70 pounds of him into the tub. He stood there patiently until it was over, waited for me to towel him off and then he shook.

This almost makes up for the three butter dishes he broke. And the potholder that we found frozen outside, and the underwear in the yard. And the filched tupperware, and items stolen from the trashcan and taken outside and the farting in my office when I'm working..........