Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring! Praise Jesus, it's here!!!!

Today is nice enough that I can put jackets on the kids, hand them chalk, balls, drinks and kick their butts out the door.

Blessed is she who heralds the coming of spring, for it is she who is truly blessed.

Or something flowery like that.

I've stopped and started about 50 blog posts since the last one. Here's the scoop. I've now lost a total of about 90 pounds. Funny. The entire time I was in high school, my mother would get on me about being obese, or as she would say "Obeast". Well I just plugged my high school weight an height into a BMI calculator, and came up with 23, which is in the middle of the range for normal weight. So the entire time I was at a normal weight, I had this body image of a morbidly obese person, now that I AM obese, with a BMI of 35, I feel better about myself than I did when I was at a "normal" weight.

I went nuts at Target last week, I look dead sexy. Well, as dead sexy as a still obese person can look. I know I'm more limber, and this is good. The pants I bought last week are now a bit too loose, but I'll cinch 'em up for a while. It's crazy how my weight is dropping.

It's a good thing, in all. I have lost my insulating fat layer. I'm cold all the time now. I used to think it was the Swede in me that never needed a blanket, not so much. Today I crawled back in bed at 10am, under three blankets and shivering. I just could not warm up! I remember wondering how skinny chicks made it through winter in such cold climates. I woke up at 1pm, both boys in bed with me watching TV. Fever: 101. ahhhh, so I was having chills....Whatever. My fat has taken with it my resistance to every and all little bug that travels from kid to kid to parent. bleh.

I'm almost done updating my accounting from last year, procrastinator that I am. It wasn't that bad, tomorrow I'm doing inventory and re-checking my merchant fees and then I'm so ready to take on the tax man! How my life has changed............

This was what happened last week, I don't have the time or patience to re-type it, as Buddy is trying to squish Bug now...

So, Monday, at Target with Buddy, I walk into the building in front of an
older gentleman, dressed very nicely, etc. But got that creepy, someone
is looking at me feeling.

All over the store I go, and begin to notice that wherever I am, older
guy is near me, sometimes I catch him looking at me, creepy. Nothing
winds up in his basket, while mine is filling up fast. hmmmm

Leaving the grocery section, I'm playing race car with Buddy and I end up
getting my cart run into by.......yup, Mr

an-AARP-kind-of-way. He apologized, face turning bright
red, helps me pick up stuff that fell off the bottom. Buddy rips him a
new one for not watching where he was going, and then he asks me if he
could make it up to me by buying us a coffee and an applejuice at the
in-store Starbucks!!!!!

Yes, I was hit on by a guy old enough to be my dad. Normally, that is not
a problem, I usually do date men that are as old as if not older than my
dad when I'm dating, but ummmm did you not see the rock on my hand? gah.

Then today, the sitter that I had lined up (Buddy has been not feeling
well, poo and puke, so I had one come here so as not to spread the love)
she flaked out on me and I had to take the boys with me to my appt with the
kidney stone specialist at OSU. I freakin' hate those clinics.

So I drag them in the joint, backpack full of toys, some juice but no
food. Coming in at the same time was a mentally retarded man, in a
scooter, about 400 pounds, no teeth, t shirt tucked into his sweat pants,
which were pulled up to his armpits, and the requisite OSU jacket. He was
probably in his late 50's early 60s. His sister was with him, she had the
look of a woman who had cared for this man her whole life, I'd say late
60s, and a family friend who drove them all down from Marion. He also
suffers from kidney stones so he and I were in the same places at the same
times. Amazing what you find out when you're just sitting there. He lives
on his own, but she let me know that he calls her all day long.

He kept leering at me. His sister would scold him, then pretty soon Buddy
would pipe up. "Mommy, that man is looking at you again!" ugh. And what
of poor Buddy? 7 trips to the bathroom because "poop is going to explode
out of my butt" "mommy, my butt is a volcano!, the poop shoots out like
lava!" Everyone knew this and were giving me tips on helping him out.

Time for an x-ray, the receptionist stayed with the boys and I went for 5
minutes of radioactive bliss. I come back out, and the guy is over there
talking to the boys, with several older women going nuts over Whitey's
hair, talking Hot Wheels with them, etc etc. They all agree that I have
my hands full. I"m picking up cars and lizards etc and the man asked me
how many kids I had, I told him two and I babysit Whitey. then he says "
Well, I could give you six more if you want"

I stood there with my mouth open, as did the receptionist. The man's
sister then whacked him over the head with a magazine.

I told Super G this a while ago and he just laughed and laughed and
laughed. His day will come.....................

This is the crap I dealt with after I left my starter husband. Now I'm
not even looking and they're coming out of the woodwork. And I was about
this weight too. hmmmmm

How to pretty, thin women handle this? or does this only happen to the
dowdy soccer mom?