Friday, September 21, 2007

Pee Circles Crossed a line......

Last year, around this time, I announced that I wanted a Basset Hound puppy, known in basset lover circles as a "buppy"

We got involved with a rescue organization and came home with Henry, aka Pee Circles. He was about 2 1/2 years old, very wild and crazy, very affectionate and totally what I wanted, 100 % basset, but didn't have the droopy face, drool and a bit on the small side. Chalk it up to the crappy breeding and the crappy puppy mill he came from (according to his microchip....he was a stray)

He was a willful SOB, he ate through every damned electrical cord he could get. He ate the seatbelts out of the back of Super G's SUV. He decapitated so many Barbie dolls that we would salvage the ones that merely lost limbs and got them wheelchairs, prosthetic arms, legs, hands... you name it. Our Boots the Monkey doll from the Dora set became a "helper monkey" and thus my children have a totally new understanding and compassion for the disabled peoples of the world.

He was stubborn, difficult to housebreak and could be grumpy. He snapped at Buddy on more than one occasion. He ruined our carpets, completely.

But he was so loving to me, he loved to get his ears cleaned, and would lay there groaning and moaning with pleasure whenever I cleaned his big floppy ears. When I would have a bad kidney day, he would lay next to me as long as I could lay down, and groan. He had a chair in the office next to mine. He would sleep there while I worked. He would allow Super G to sit there, but everyone else knew, that chair belonged to Henry.

He started to slowly get aggressive with me and the kids.

Tuesday night, he came after my son, completely unprovoked. I threw myself over Buddy, and PeeCircles got me by the hair and pulled out a big chunk. He was snarling and snapping, and angry. It was scary. My Australian Shepherd interceded, I don't know how it would have ended otherwise.

The next day, on girl from the rescue came and took him away. He is in Boot Camp, being kenneled right now. Once she gets some other dogs into foster care, she'll bring him to her house, hopefully she can do some good for him. Maybe our house is too hectic for him. Maybe he needs to be the only dog in a house without kids.
I don't know.

All I know is that I feel horrible that I failed him. And I'm angry at him for behaving like such an asshole.

We are all getting sick here, Bug stayed home from school. Buddy just came in from the backyard, without pants. I was about to ask him why he didn't have pants on, but then Brutus, the foster basset, came prancing in from outside, carrying his Buddy-made prize in his slobbery mouth. He dropped it on the floor, and I began to wretch and ran for a paper towel. Then Buddy starts to yell "Hey! that is my poop! you leave my poop alone!"

As I round the corner to the office, Buddy yells "Mommy! Brutus ate my poop!"

Yup, he sure did, licked the floor too.

So now I'm comforting a boy who is upset that the dog ate the poop he laid out in the yard. I would point out that none of this would have happened if he just used the TOILET, but it's all water under the bridge now......

Welcome to HERE, check your sanity at the door.....before the dog eats it.

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