Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Detrius from the Demented

So, it has been a while. I've been a little busy....

Okay, very busy. Halloween came and went. The candy is all gone, but the costumes are still in a heap on the living room end table. Super G was kind enough to gather the accessories and put them in a bag on top of the costume heap on the living room end table.

I feel that February will be a good time to hang them up.

See this box of tampons? Isn't it cool? Don't you love the ever-so-subtle symbolism in the RED flower? Doesn't it make you just feel FRESH and FEMININE buying a box of wadded cotton pellets because there is a RED poppy on the front? Do you think that perhaps they chose a RED poppy because, really, all women who are menstrual not only need the wadded cotton pellets, but also the heroin that is made from those poppies?

Perhaps the good people at Kotex didn't have any of this in mind. Instead they put that RED poppy on the box to attract my son. This is at least the third time in his life where we've gotten into an all out melt down over the fact that:

  • We do NOT need to put that box in the cart.
  • We don't USE that brand, or any tampons at all.
  • HE will never have use for them, ever.
  • The box does not have flowers in it.
So anyway, I now have a big beef with two corporations, Kotex, for putting that stupid RED flower on a box of plugs, and WalMart for putting the crotch products right next to the Cat Food. What, pray tell, was their message in THAT particular product display?

Brutus, the foster basset, went to his forever home on Sunday 11/4. That was hard, I stayed home and worked, SuperG took the kids and delivered him. He was a sweetie, not too quick on the uptake, but a real good lug.

The puppy we took in 10 days ago immediately lost herself, forgot all she learned and terrorized our family with chewing, yipping and whining. So we brought another dog in for her to play with. He's been here 12 hours now and I like him. He's very low key and sedate, has a weird face, not all long and bassety, short ears for his kind.

My house is a mess. Tomorrow (Thursday) I go to Bowling Green for my final appointment before the next surgery on 11/26. I'm nervous and scared, but looking forward to the trip.... 3 hours up and back, in the car, all by myself. So I'll be cleaning like crazy today (or not)

And to that end, must go give the kids breakfast and get the girl ready for school.


gwr said...

You can get other opiates out of poppies besides heroin -- morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, oxycontin, etc...

Wait a minute. Why the hell am I telling you this? 8^)

Amy said...

Thanks honey, I appreciate your candor. How are those Huskers doing now that Sam Keller is on the sidelines?

Julie Glass said...

I was laughing so hard when I read about the poppy box! When my son was young, he picked up this box of condoms that had this really cool looking (to him at least) Blue Jean Denim type package. I had to tell him NO! You can't have those!..he was about 4 at the time.

Amy said...

What is it about boys? Why do they know exactly what NOT to touch, so they can touch it and cry for it. If they sold poop in a box, my son would pine for it every time we went to the store!!!