Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome to Mommy's Freak Show

More times than I can count today, little voices are heard from around my midsection, and tiny hands lift my shirt.

"Mommy? I can I see your tummy?"

"Mommy, is that blood?"

"Mommy, can I see the hole?"

Mommy, did it hurt when they stapled your tummy?"

My children are endlessly fascinated with my surgical scars, or as I prefer to call them, my Roadmap of One Really Bad Day.

All day long, we have counted the surgical staples, (18), confirmed that they are NOT the same as the kind in the stapler in my office. We talked about the hole left by the drain tube.
No, we cannot put anything into that hole. Yes, it hurts now. No, it didn't hurt when they did it, I was asleep.

On and on and on. I've always known that chicks dig scars, but I had no clue that kids dig them too. Perhaps, one day, I'll get a tattoo covering the big one, maybe some colorful worm wrapped around a green stem, which would be the long scar. Who knows. I'm open to suggestions.


Today Super G was the man. After he got home from church, he mowed the lawn, and let the kids help him out, both of them. They actually each mowed a few rows, so I know Super G's day got a little easier.
Soon....soon they will do my bidding ..... I could hear it in his head.....

Notice the dog laying in the middle of the street. Yup, she's ours.

Then I came inside for my 2387th catnap of the weekend. I would lay in the recliner, and drift off just to the point of incorporating the background noises into my dreams, when someone would wake me up.

I was summoned to get the camera.

I opened the garage door and there was Super G, with the SuperGMobile up on ramps (which I knew about because I helped guide him) and Bug, yes Princess Bug, up under the car, draining the dirty oil. Then later I captured her putting the fresh oil in. And later, as SG steered the Hulking MiniVan of Death onto the ramps, Bug jumped up out of her seat and said "Let's get this thing going" I would post the videos, but I have to upload to YouTube first then embed it here, which is too much like work right now.

Then they came inside, ate dinner, took a shower, got in their jammies and eventually went to bed.

What a great day.

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