Thursday, December 20, 2007

When boys are quiet....

something bad is happening.

Tuesday it was peeling the backing off of maxi pads and sticking them on the walls.

Wednesday, it was getting into the cookies for his sister's Christmas party, and giving them to the boy I babysit, who promptly took one bit out of six different ones.

Today, it was food coloring.

I was working, and after being interrupted every two minutes all morning, I suddenly realized that I'd been able to have continuity of thoughts.

This is a BAD thing.

I go into the kitchen, and on the table I see a bottle of ketchup, a loaf of bread, cocktail sauce and a can of whipped cream.

Closer inspection revealed a box of food coloring, which had been opened, and four little bottles lined up on the table, each with their caps off.

I followed the sound of running water to find the boys voluntarily washing their hands in the bathroom.

Buddy tried to hide his guilt:

But it was too late........

Tomorrow is a Christmas Party. We are getting a sitter.

We may never come home...........

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