Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day Tragedy

The MOAT is gone.

I swore that on Christmas Day, that sonofabitch was comin' down, and I meant it.

Shortly after the children dove into their booty, we pulled down the tree.

Here you can see the forensic evidence, like my very own Conifer Crime Scene:

The scene of the take down

Needle-spatter evidence

Where the victim was dragged

more needle spatter

Where the corpse was disposed

The day after Christmas was trash day. We forgot to put the trash out the night before, but thankfully, the MOAT saved us one last time, because it took so long to load her up onto the truck, Super G was able to wake up, get a coat and shoes on and run out to the curb with our mini-dumpster.

Next year, we're going tree-less. We'll gather 'round and decorate the Christmas Twig and count our blessings, every one.

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