Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What every guy needs for Christmas......

Honey, I'm taking back the IPod Touch, the 60 inch flat screen Sony and the Swedish Swimsuit Massage Team, because I'm gettin' you the Nutty Buddy.

That is right. You saw it. One lunatic former baseball player, a tennis ball and a giggling teenager, what more could you want?

Some guys never grow up. You know what is wrong about this? He's going to make millions, like Ron Popeil, but wait there's more!

I envision young boys everywhere bashing each other in the nuts with baseball bats, surfing down the streets behind cars with only their cup between them and the pavement.

This cup is the end of civilization as we know it. Barroom brawls will no longer end when someone gets kicked in the balls. Where will the danger in dirt biking go? What of the girl wanting to get even after her boyfriend cheats on her with her sister?

This cup will make men impervious to pain, both good and evil men will become super-omnipotent, setting forth an ever escalating confrontation to which no man can succumb, leading not just to mutually assured destructions, total annihilation, but lets face it, Armageddon.

So to put it in a better frame of reference, NuttyBuddy is the Antichrist. Isn't that going to be ironic sitting under your Christmas tree?

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Dijea said...

this is way too funny. And my husband wants one.