Monday, October 20, 2008


Been back to work for a week now. Two weeks ago, I fell and fractured my tailbone. Does anyone know how much that hurts? A lot. And it hurts to sit, which I do for my job. I bought an inflatable donut thing, but it wasn't made for people with real asses, so it doesn't help much.

The heating pad works amazingly well, until my butt gets so hot I feel as though I'm sitting on a campfire.

Super G is doing homework with Bug. Thank God. I have no patience for that. And it's cool because then I can run interference with Buddy and she can concentrate, a bit.

So, I'm thinking, about my Evil Rethuglican status. I liked McCain in 2000, but we got W instead. Now he's back, but he's so much more creepy and nasal and centrist. Up until the convention, I was conflicted about who to vote for.

Then along comes Caribou Barbie. Sarah Barracuda. I like her, if for nothing more than she's not a career politician, she's a Boy Scout, a True Believer. And she's hot. That helps.

Can't say the same about Slow Joe....wooog.

I got nothing to really say tonight. I made it through a week of work, and have already been called in for a conference on shit I did wrong before I went on leave...... Whatever. I fucking hate this part of the job, review the err of your ways and atone for your sins, be contrite and repentant....blah blah blah.


Brenda Cruse said...

Hey there....I've been a silent reader for some time. You are such a strong lady. Love your stories.
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Amy said...

ooooo, a lurker....I have lurkers!!! Thanks for the tip!

GoHskrs said...

no need to post this, but the comment smells like a certain Hormel canned meat product ...