Friday, February 1, 2008

Out of the mouths of Bugs

So, it seems that I've not been posting regularly, sorry. This thing called life gets in the way sometimes, and more importantly, I'm lazy. Always have been, always will be.

Sunday, Bug approaches Super G, the following conversation ensues.

Bug: Daddy, does Mommy have any eggs left?

SG: a few I suppose

Bug: And do you have any of those seeds left?

SG: oh yeah, billions of them!

Bug: Well, can you guys do that thing you do? I want a baby sister.

He explained to her that you never know what you're going to get, you can't put in an order for a girl.

Two days later, in the car, she asks me

"Mommy, are you sure you're not having a baby?"


"Well, have you and daddy done that thing to make a baby? I'd like a sister."

ugh, so much for being honest and informing. Buddy will search pumpkin patches for little siblings when he reaches that age.

Then last night, we were at the store and I looked at the new Zyrtec display when she yells out "Hey! Claritin Clear!"

Me, "yup, it sure is"

She grabs a box and chucks it into the cart. I pick it up and put it back. "You don't need that"

She stomps her foot, "Yes I do! I don't want to go through the day in a fog!"

Me, "You don't take allergy meds, you don't have allergies, you don't go through the day in an antihistamine fog!"

And thus, I AM the meanest mother in the world

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