Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Long Neglected Blog

I feel like a teenager who has forgotten her dear diary, after swearing to divulge her innermost secrets to it's secured and forgiving pages.

I suffer through bouts of insomnia, and what I should do is hop onto ye olde blogger and scoop the thoughts out of my head. But instead I spend my time on Facebook. I never should have joined, it sucks the time right out of your hands.

Things are going fairly well here. Tomorrow Ian goes to his BPD (BronchoPulmonaryDisplasia) clinic, and they will determine if he can be taken off the oxygen at that time. So naturally this weekend he had to come down with croup. With some loud stridor, which scared me more than the coupy cough. Saturday was a long night, I alternately steamed him and froze him, and he was able to clear up for a few hours to get some sleep. I, on the other hand, was on high alert, and slept very little.

The thing about croup is that it has a small virus attitude. It's little, it's annoying and fairly harmless. It gets no respect when up up against the big guns, like Strep Throat, Viral Meningitis or the new kid on the block, H1N1. So it makes up for it's small stature in other ways. It is loud, very loud. It scares the crap outta first time parents. And it only strikes at night, disappearing at first light. So it's either a real party animal among viruses, or it's also a vampire, I haven't figured that one out yet.

Sunday night had only about 4 minutes of coughing that didn't even wake up the baby, but intermittent stridor episodes that kept me wide awake.

We saw the pediatrician today, who could hear the stridor with his stethescope, and knowing that tomorrow could be our oxygen free day, he gave Ian a shot of steroids to help reduce the inflammation and clear up the stridor.

Fingers crossed, I hope and pray that tomorrow is the last corner that Ian has to turn......

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