Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Names

I've gotten several e-mails from Rita with giant lists of baby names.

Honestly, I owe my life to Hightower, because if I had gotten one of the monikers SHE wanted, I'd have been a grease spot in the schoolyard by third grade.

Some of the names were okay, but most of them had me wondering what she was smoking. She asked not to read about my opinions of her names on my blog....heh heh heh, which is just begging for it to appear here. You can age me, but you can't take the teenager outta me.

At any rate, to ward off further suggestions from family and former friends, we are announcing the names right now:

For a girl:

Pussy Galore

For a boy:

Cool Moe Dee

There. I hope that we can all move past this and let me get through the first trimester before we start planning the little blob's feeding schedule.

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