Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here we go again


A year ago I started this blog. It was fun, for those who know me, to read about the life as a stay at home mom. You know, eatin' bon bons, watchin' soaps, doin' the cabana boy. Uh huh. But then I got pissed one day, (once again a speck of dust was found under the divan, I had to flog the maid, then hide the body) I realized that I just could not do it ALL by myself, and deleted the blog.

So now I find myself with some leisure time, and I decided that I had too much goop in my head, I must re-open the blog. Because my two readers were bored.

Here it is. I have had 20 minutes of silence, but that is ending. So much for blogging today. I gave each child a bowl of candy, sent them upstairs to watch Spongebob for 3 hours. The candy must be gone.....

So here is the deal. I sell cloth diapers. really. People use them, they're cute and they save you money and people think you're weird. It's a great thing. See the link labeled "My Store" and you'll be amazed. I am not JUST a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Even though rearing children is a JOB, I also have what is commonly accepted to BE a JOB, I do data entry from my home, about 30 hours per week. Sweet deal, you say? I get to sit at my desk in my pajamas, or less, and work when I want! But wait, you interrupt the fantasy, didn't you say that you had a job rearing children? Why yes, I answer, I do two jobs at once! I key a document, I stop to break up a fight, I key two documents, then clean marker off the dog. You see? I have 6 hours of work to do per day, It takes me 13 hours to complete.

I have no maid. My house is a disaster. Oh yeah, we have pets. Two old cats, who hate me now because we foster Basset Hounds for Ohio Basset Rescue (see the link) Yup, crazy huh? We have an Australian Shepherd, 6 year old, 20 pounds overweight, with bad hips and an attitude. So last fall I had to have a Basset Hound, I thought they were big carpets with floppy ears. We decided to foster dogs first, but we kept the first one...Henry aka PeeCircles. Then came Droopy, the puppy who stayed for 4 months, then Maggie, who stayed a week. Then my husband went out of town for a month. Then came Luke, Diego, Cooper, Rascal and now we have Brutus. (go to the OBR link, and check out the adoption page, Brutus is towards the bottom) PeeCircles and Brutus like each other, Brutus is huge, drooly, floppy and so damn cool. I want to keep him. My husband does not. Please flood my inbox with reasons to keep Brutus. I like him. I can't make another hole in my head, so I must get another dog.

Oh, oh yeah. I also babysit other people's children. So when Bug went to first grade the other day, I'm at home, trying to work the paying job, I have three kids, ages 3 1/2, 33 months, and 2 1/2.

I'm crazy. But that is okay. Some day soon I'll post some e-mail I have sent to describe how my 3 year old is trying to kill me.

Oh yeah, my favorite actor is Paul Sorvino. I don't know why, but oh man. Some women swoon over George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or Clark Gable (for the older gals), Me? I'm all about the old Italian guy. Did you see "Goodfellas?" Forget Ray Liotta, and DeNiro is so overrated, but his turn as Paully, the boss......yeah baby.

I'm serious. It's in my blog description, I mean it. I wonder when his lawyers will put out a cease and desist order. Oh well.

Hmmmm, guess that is all I have for today. My son has just advised me that whales don't eat hamburgers, they eat fish. My moment of silence is at an end.

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gwr said...

From Reader #1 - Thanks for resurrecting the blog. And I never said I didn't want to keep (current foster dog) -- I just want to release PeeCircles to another family who will love, train, and re-housebreak his arse ... 8^)